second fucking night in a row. haven’t slept since thursday and it’s almost midnight. and i literally can’t do anything but lay in bed shaking and freaking out at every single noise i hear. my vision is blacking out and i hear ringing in my ears… hearing sounds i know aren’t there blah blah blah. textbook panic attack/anxiety attack/extreme paranoia.

fuck. this. i honestly can’t believe this is happening another night in a row after being up all night with it yesterday. 

can anyone offer any help or ideas to cope while i can’t see a doctor for a week or so? it’s draining me so quickly and i don’t know what to do. 

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First all-nighter of the summer due to panic attacks down!

Wooooo hoooo. 

I hope I can schedule an appointment soon to get my crazy self fixed. Sleeping in a different house than one I’m used to shouldn’t give me hour long panic attacks. Fuck this summer!

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