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20-something girl with a passion for cooking, writing, and adventures of all sorts.

family:why won't you come with us?
me:there must always be a stark at winterfell

I’ve been feeling great lately, so I thought I’d update you all (or just myself for later, I don’t really think anyone reads these text posts.)

Today marks a week since I’ve started doing Pilates regularly again, after dropping my Pilates reformer classes, and quitting the gym for over a month. I’ve been feeling so much more energized, so much stronger, and am already noticing my abs start to come back as a result of it (combined with clean eating, of course). I’ve also stopped weighing myself. After weighing myself up to 5 times a day, going without it completely has been super difficult, but also refreshing. Just measuring your happiness based on your strength, and how your clothes fit means so much more than living life focused on a number.

School ends next week, and I couldn’t be happier to have a couple of months off of everything. Having time to focus on me will be wonderful. 

Meep, well everything’s swell, and I hope everything for all of you is going great too!